This blog covers the progress made in the quest for the return of my lost Spanish off-plan property deposit. It has been a long road and I have had many visits to Spain to see the lawyers and developers in an attempt to resolve the situation.

I had a dream of owning Spanish property for a great lifestyle and to enjoy the Spanish climate. It all started in 2004 with a visit to London Excel for the Place In The Sun exhibition and attending Spanish Property seminars to show you how to buy Spanish Property.

I decided I wanted a beach front location and also an inland residence but for affordable amounts of money. The most affordable place at that time was in the Spanish province of Almeria, this gets even more sun than the Costa del Sol!

For the inland residence I chose the village of Terque on an off-plan development by Inroal. This was being promoted by Palmera Properties. It was just 25 minutes from the capital of the province, Almeria. It sits by the side of the River Andarax. My particular development was called Los Olivos, but this was part of a larger development consisting of other blocks called El Mirador, Los Naranjos, Azahar, and Andarax which was to overlook the river.

For the beach front location I chose La Cadima on Playa Macenas at Mojacar. This was a perfect location with great views of the sea. I had previously reserved a villa on Los Cerros in Turre, but when I saw La Cadima I decided to transfer my deposit money as I liked that location better. These developments were both being promoted by Ready 2 Invest in the UK (or Ready 2 Rent as they were known back then). The Spanish developer however was Citrus Playa Macenas SL.